'Tis the Season to Check Your Balance

Friday, December 02 at 08:08 AM
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The gift-buying season has officially started and the holidays are quickly approaching.  As your spending rises over the next few weeks, remember that crime rises as well during this time of the year.  Staying alert while shopping and frequently reviewing your checking account and credit card account is a smart habit to incur.  Make an early new year’s resolution to become proactive about keeping your account information secure and keeping track of your spending. 

Some Tips to Keep in Mind

Check Your Account.  Arvest customers can do this by mobile device with Arvest Mobile Banking, online with Arvest Online Banking, by phone with the 24-Hour Account Information Line and through e.Statements or paper statements.

Cushion Your Account.  The last thing you want to pay for when budgeting for holiday purchases are unnecessary bank fees.  Overdraft Coverage is a service provided with most checking accounts to provide peace of mind but it does come at a cost.  If you plan to use the service, you may want to use it once for a large purchase as opposed to many times for many smaller purchases.  To avoid mistakenly using this service which will result in an NSF fee, cushion your account with an extra twenty or fifty dollars that you don’t add into your register that way there is always a little extra in case you forget to write down or list one of your purchases!

Stay Alert.  While out shopping, be aware of your surroundings.  Keep your wallet or purse out of view and try to eliminate any distractions such as cell phones. 

Be Careful with your Cards.  Keep an eye on your debit card and credit card.  Cashiers or waiters can simply take a picture of your card for their own use later. 

Check your Mail.  Do this daily.  If you are traveling, place a hold on your postal mail until you return. 

Send Money a Different Way.  Refrain from sending checks or cash via postal mail.  Cash can easily be stolen and checks provide a thief with your name, address, phone number and bank account number.  Consider using Arvest ZashPay, Online Banking or Automatic Payment instead!

Enroll in Family IDProtect™.  If your information is stolen, this new identity theft insurance through Arvest can save you a lot of time, stress and money.  For more information about Arvest Family IDProtect™, click here.

As mentioned before, crime is particularly higher during the holiday season.  However, the tips above are good practices to follow year round.  If you suspect any fraudulent activity with your account, contact us immediately.  If you have lost your card or your card has been stolen, please call (877) 618-2648.  You may also visit our Contact Us page for additional contact information. 


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