Arvest to Use QR Codes - What are they?

Friday, September 16 at 10:43 AM
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What is that symbol and why am I seeing it everywhere, including on some Arvest materials?  That symbol is what is known as a QR Code or a Quick Response Code; it is similar to a traditional bar code but has the ability to store more information.  These are being used by businesses on marketing materials, price tags, signage and business cards as a way to link consumers to additional information.   

A smart phone or tablet uses an application known as a “reader” to identify the QR code and its purpose. The reader scans the code using the camera feature which provides a fast and easy way to transfer information.  Common information transferred includes:

• Links to web pages and content
• Text or photos
• V-Cards (for contact information)

Best Buy added this feature to their product cards on every aisle last fall allowing shoppers to access a plethora of additional product features and information with the click of a button on their smart phones. Even store associates are able to take advantage of this feature to quickly access more answers to customer questions.

QR Codes will allow Arvest to provide you quick access to additional information. Initially, look for QR codes on marketing and product materials.  As we expand our use of QR Codes these may provide you with additional ways to:

• Contact a local banker
• Learn about products and services or FAQs
• Interact with us on, on Facebook, Twitter or the Arvest Blog

We are simply sharing this information so that when QR Codes are seen at Arvest or on our promotional materials, they will be recognized and utilized by customers who wish to take advantage of this method of communication. Should you choose not to scan QR codes, just ignore them!

Smartphone and tablet Users can visit their ‘app store’, search QR Code Reader and install one to begin scanning QR codes. Feel free to scan the QR Code at top of this article to visit the mobile site for and see how QR Codes work!


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Kendal on 9/18/2011 at 7:52 AM

"Best Buy added this feature to their product cards on every isle..."


Arvest Blog Admin on 9/19/2011 at 6:07 AM

     Oops...thanks Kendal!

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